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Leah's League 2019 Charitable Giving
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Leah's League 2019 Charitable Giving

Thanks to your participation last Fall, Leah’s League had the privilege to make a sizable donation to the arts: San Diego Ballet, Southern California’s premier professional ballet company. SDB’s mission is to excite, enrich, and entertain its diverse audience through an imaginative presentation of quality classical and contemporary dance. But San Diego Ballet does even more for its community and has a strong connection to its city.

Touted as a “model in its field,” the San Diego Ballet’s educational outreach program works to reach students, often in under privileged areas, through in-school performances, lessons, curriculum guides for teachers, scholarships and benefit theater performances. Studies have found that a substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social and emotional outcomes. Engaging with the arts is essential to the human experience.

For more information, go to SanDiegoBallet.org.

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