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Registration for 2018 (LEAHS LEAGUE   Jun 11)

Registration for 2018 Leahs League teams is now available.  Deadline to submit will be July 24th.

Leah's Scoring and Tie Break Info (LEAHS LEAGUE   Aug 23)

Hi Captains and Players,

Please note that Leah's League has changed its scoring.  Teams will receive points for each set that they win -- all sets count.

SCORING:  (All Sets Count)

Line 1:  10 points per set won
Line 2:    9 points per set won
Line 3:    8 points per set won
Line 4:    7 points per set won
Line 5:    6 points per set won
Line 6:    5  points per set won

TIE BREAKS:  Leah's League will be using the Comen Tie Break.  Instructions can be found in Leah's League RULES.


No-show Default Clarification (Julie Maiorano - A   Sep 4)

The position that is declared a no-show, will be the position that is defaulted.   So, if Line 1 is defaulted due to a no-show, the other line(s) in that start time will continue playing at their designated line.  If Line 2 is a no-show, then Lines 1 and 3 will continue in their designated lines.  The points will be awarded at the Line that was defaulted.  The remainder of the line-up  cannot be changed.



Latest News

Leah's League 2017 Charitable Giving

Thanks to your participation in our league, Leahs League was able to make a sizable donation to Casa de Amparo (Home of Protection), which is recognized as a leader in treating and preventing child abuse and neglect in San Diego County and beyond, with locations in Oceanside and San Marcos.

This non-profit organization annually serves over 1,000 Casa Kids, as well as over 950 families, through six integrated programs that promote healing, growth, and healthy relationships. If you would like to make your own donation to Casa de Amparo, go to: https://www.casadeamparo.org/give/

League Contacts

Listed below are the key contacts for this League. View All Contacts
"BB" Division
Lynn Tenuto
"B" Division
Cindy Miers
"AA & A" Divisions
Carol Donahue

Team Points Weeks
Surf & Turf - Doyle 489.0 7/7
Fallbrook Tennis Club - L'Heureux 467.0 7/7
Valley Center 412.0 7/7
El Camino CC - Gentry 393.0 7/7
San Dieguito Tennis Club 358.0 7/7
La Costa Resort - Zender 341.0 7/7
Lomas Santa Fe - Maloney 317.0 7/7
Park Hyatt Aviara - Mercereau 200.0 7/7
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Week 8
Oct 31 - Nov 6, 2018

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